Laurence Roscoe

Laurence is a multi-instrumentalist who is the front man for the Roscoe Project but also plays bass with the Toronto based "Mark Ripp & the Confessors" as well as the "Jeff Getty Band" and "Romney Getty". Laurence also owns and operates Renaissance Sound Studios out of his downtown Toronto home. As recording engineer and producer, Laurence has countless projects to showcase including the Jeff Getty Band, Romney Getty, Classical Guitarist "Christopher Urso", his own "Roscoe Project", as well as many other Artists' completed projects. In addition to playing with Jeff Getty, you can also find Laurence Roscoe backing up a variety of Canadian acts such as Romney Getty and Mark Ripp and the Confessors


Photo: Richard Beland

Joe Calbery

Formerly of "Clockwork", Joe Calbery is an accomplished bass graduate of the Mohawk College music program whose knowledge of music theory has added a new dimension to the project's sound. Both Laurence and Joe played together in the early 1990's in the eight piece funk band titled "Congress".

Photo: Carolyn Tripp

Rich Baker

Rich Baker has been providing percussion for several bands in the Toronto area for many years. Rich was the former drummer for Toronto based Brit Pop band, Speed Orchid. Currently Rich is working with the Roscoe Project as well as an experimental, improvisational trio called ARC.


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