MP3 - Samples:

JAZZ: Rob Brown Jazz - For more information on Rob Brown Jazz please click here Lord Bubbas Nu-Jazz Project

  • Knuckles
  • Chill
  • Rain
  • Mr. Smooth Move

    TEX-MEX: Joe King Carrasco - Songs from famous Tex-Mex musician Joe King Carrasco, as well as a song performed by Joe for the "Vallarta Verde" festival radio campaign in Puerto vallarta, Mexico.

  • Noche
  • El Arroyo
  • Easy Going
  • One Love
  • Vamos a get down
  • Drug thru the mud
  • Nacho Daddy

    POP: David Stokaluk - After decades of live performance experience, multi-instrumentalist "David Stokaluk" is composing and recording songs which any pop enthusiast would appreciate.

  • Always about a girl
  • Keep your suitcase in your hand

    SINGER / SONGWRITER: Sarah Siddiqui - These tracks include Eastern Indian instruments such as tabla. Featuring Santosh Naidu (performs with: K-os / Tea Party), Mike Churchill (performs with: Rik Emmett), Tim Bovaconti (performs with: Ron Sexsmith). For more information click here Sarah Siddiqui

  • Frame of mind
  • Show me
  • Angel Zahra
  • Lost in my grief

    RAP / HIP-HOP: Matrix - Toronto rap artist "Matthew" (a.k.a. - Matrix)

  • Don't you see
  • It's on

    AMERICANA / COUNTRY: Romney Getty - Canadian singer songwriter Romney Getty.

  • She told me
  • Cry to me
  • Let me be
  • Homeward bound

    AMERICANA: Jeff Getty Band - Jeff Getty Band is an Americana / Roots rock outfit.

  • South of Alaska
  • Shooting star
  • 2nd hand gun
  • Chester
  • Deepest blue
  • Down on me

    BLUEGRASS / FOLK: John Swanson - This rootsy bluegrass / folk song takes on the issues which face modern day America.

  • When America was strong

    A CAPELLA: Kinsey Sicks - "Dragapella", aka, a fabulous drag queen a capella quartet. Samples are performed live off the floor. For more information on the Kinsey Sicks, click here

  • Things you shouldn't say - VIDEO
  • Lakme
  • Waltzing My Dildo
  • Necrophilia

    AMERICANA / POP: Dropjoys - The songs featured below are a collection of songs from the Dropjoys debut album. For more information on the Dropjoys, visit their website here

  • Fools around
  • Torch this town
  • Love won't let me down today

    VOICE OVER: Heartland (ADR) - ADR recording session for the CBC television series "Heartland".

  • Voice Over

    VOICE OVER: The Golf Channel - Voice over narration for a television show broadcast on the Golf Channel.

  • Voice Over

    VOICE OVER: SF Productions TV - Puerto Vallarta, Mexico - Voice over narration for a television show for real estate marketing, being broadcast across the United States.

  • Voice Over

    VOICE OVER: Ruben E. Del Castillo - This particular clip is a Spanish translation for a financial institutions television commercial.

  • Voice Over

    VOICE OVER: Female voice over talent - This particular clip was used in a promotional video for Beazer Homes in New Jersey, United States.

  • Voice Over

    CUSTOM WEBSITE AUDIO: Richard Beland Photography - Composed by Jeff Getty and Laurence Roscoe for renowned Canadian photographer, Richard Beland. Click here or click on the link below to hear the audio sample.

  • Richard Beland - Website Audio

    ELECTRONIC / 80's: Rob Lee - 80's electronic sound.

  • Disco
  • The Waddle

    POP / ROCK: Roscoe Project - The Roscoe Project is a Pop / Rock based group. Refer to the web address below for sample mp3s.


    CLASSICAL: Caitlin McQuaite - Violin - Sample of a Classical piece performed by a violinist "Caitlin McQuaite" and accompanying pianist.

  • Classical violin sample

    CLASSICAL: Christopher Urso - Guitar: - Sample of a Classical guitar piece performed by guitarist "Christopher Urso".

  • Classical guitar sample

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